That's me in the awesome bathrobe. Well, me 32 years ago, aged 3. I've since lost the robe, and I can't rock an afro anymore, but growing pains aren't without their perks. Since this picture was taken, I've travelled to 23 countries, lived in 6, picked up 3 languages, replaced the bear with two dogs (one great: Goose, the other a work-in-progress: Ziggy), and studied under some of the brightest minds in academia. More recently, I ducked out on a PhD program in philosophy of religions at the University of Chicago (nearly five years in) after stumbling upon UX research and realizing there were some pretty cool connections between UX and my background in philosophy, policy, and business.

Life after academia has been a blast. I've re-oriented the ethnographic research I was doing to better fit the kind of user-facing (and user-enabling) work that I always wanted to do. Until recently, that meant working alongside a wonderful team of operators and creatives at Instapage, where I built and directed the research program and did my part to help our clients more effectively get their products and services in front of the right customers.

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